Leave it to TikTok to offer some pretty mind-blowing makeup hacks.

The latest beauty tip comes through the use of Maybelline New York’s viral Tattoo Brow Peel Off Tint. While the product is made to be used on eyebrows, it gained viral status for doubling as a semi-permanent lip liner.

Available in deep brown, light brown and medium brown, the product claims to give “an easy tint that leaves brows perfectly defined and evenly filled for up to three days.”

It’s also supposed to leave brows tinted and conditioned while gradually and evenly fading over time, according to the brand.

However, when SACHEU Beauty founder Sarah Cheung, shared a TikTok video of her using the peel-off tint on her lips, it created a chain reaction — leading to others doing the same.

“I started lining my lips with brow pencil years ago because your brow pencil color is usually a really great shade of nude,” Cheung said in a video before proceeding to apply the product.

She started by lining the perimeter of her lips where the product initially shows as a deep shade of brown. After waiting for three minutes, she follows by slowly peeling the tint off and revealing a soft brown lip liner look. Cheung used a makeup wipe to get rid of any excess leftover tint. To top it off, she finished by layering on a nude-toned lipstick.

Since posting, Cheung’s video has been viewed over 1.7 million times and has inspired several other top digital creators such as Ling Tang, Minnie Faye Rayment, Jazra Barnes, Tanya Marie and several others on the social media platform to give the makeup tip a try.

Tang shared in her post that she wasn’t too fond of wearing the brow tint as a lip liner, but said that she liked the result she got using it as an eyeliner.

Tanya Marie, on the other hand, tried the product and said “not bad” ….”a little more on the ashier side than I would like, but if this last through my meal, I’m sold.”

She paired the lip liner tint with a neutral-toned tinted lip gloss, and since posting, her lip combo has been given over 2,900 likes.

“The product uses FD&C colorants which are approved to use in foods so theoretically, it can be used for lips,” cosmetic chemist Ginger King told “Good Morning America.” “However, there are people allergic to these color additives so always proceed with caution.”

She added, “The best advice is always to follow the direction on the label. If it’s meant for brows, use it on brows. If you decide to use it somewhere else, take your own risk.”

Maybelline New York also confirmed with “GMA” that the company only recommends the makeup for eyebrows.

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