When you test as many products as I do, there aren’t very many firsts left in the beauty world. So let me tell you, I was literally beside myself the first time I tried a freezable slush-textured moisturizer, courtesy of Skin Proud.

The Frozen Over gel moisturizer can be applied at room temperature or put in the freezer to turn the gel into a slush consistency. It sat in my to-try box for two weeks until one summer day when the hotter-than-hell temperature made me desperate for any way to cool down.

One midday heat nap later, I took Frozen Over out of the freezer. Honestly, I was not expecting much; I keep some products in the fridge, and while they are refreshing and help with puffiness, they aren’t really groundbreaking. But the second I dipped my fingers into the Skin Proud moisturizer’s slush texture, I was shocked.

After two hours in the freezer, the thin, gel-like moisturizer I had briefly tested for texture was now literally slushy, like movie theater Icees or 7-Eleven Slurpees. It was so refreshing and cooling, but less jarring and painful (trust me, I tried it) than the dip your face into a bowl of ice and water trick touted by Joan Crawford and Paris Hilton (trust me, I tried it).


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I first applied a thin layer and watched as my skin gulped it down. There is no hyperbole in sight when I say that within 45 seconds there was no visible trace or left over residue; it absorbed immediately.

I could tell what spots I missed while applying that first layer — everywhere Frozen Over had touched sparkled with a subtle sheen, and the parts that were left out were dull by comparison. I applied two more thin layers to my face and chest — yes, because I am enamored with the awakening slushy texture, but also because my skin kept absorbing it. Even after that last layer, there was no residue left behind.

My skin felt softer to the touch; a hyaluronic acid complex in combination with aloe vera are to thank for the superb hydrating benefits. As a little bonus, the gel-slush is also full of lemon extract, which brightens the complexion.

After it’s been frozen you leave out I have only been using the Skin Proud Frozen Over Moisturizer in its slush form — the cold feels like a small dose of cryotherapy that counteracts the redness and puffiness I sometimes wake up with, but leave it out and it will safely melt back into its original texture. And pro-tip for when those heat wave-like days hit: I also like to use it on all parts of my face and body.

Head to Walmart to get your $16 summer moisturizing savior.