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Much has been written, rewritten, counterpointed, and reconfigured when it comes to one of the beauty industry’s favorite buzz words: clean. As a brand that values transparency and clarity above just about all else, Allure set out to decode this oft-misused term and create a vettable standard that gave consumers a clearer picture of what, exactly, a “clean beauty product” really looked like — or, more specifically, what it contained.

In the context of beauty, the word “clean” means nothing. So, in 2019, Allure created our own clean standard. At Allure, we only use the word “clean” when a product does not contain the ingredients on our extensive list of every ingredient a potential winner cannot contain in order to be considered. This includes, but is not limited to, well-known chemicals that can be detrimental to both you and the earth, such as aluminum salts and polyethylene and polypropylene (microbeads), as well as ingredients like phthalates and hydroquinone.

Allure has a zero-tolerance policy for greenwashing. In 2021, we stopped using the words “recyclable,” “biodegradable,” “zero-waste,” and “green.” We only use the terms “compostable” and “refillable” with careful qualification. Read our full sustainability pledge for more details.

Why Trust Us

With one of the industry’s largest beauty editorial teams, Allure boasts unparalleled on-staff expertise. Our writers and editors hail from top publications, including WWD, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Refinery29, Daily Beast, Teen Vogue, Into the Gloss, Byrdie, Marie Claire, and Bustle. You can view our masthead to meet our full staff, including contributors.

In addition to an in-house editorial team, Allure works with top journalists and authors across the United States and abroad to bring you the most up-to-date beauty and wellness coverage from all over the world.

Affiliate Note

The Allure team independently reviews all products featured on, which means we only recommend items that we’ve tried, tested, and absolutely loved. For some products, we use affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission. This helps to support the work we do every day—at no extra cost to you.

Industry & Medical Experts

We believe in looking before jumping, which is why an integral pillar of Allure’s coverage is science. (Just ask the hosts of our podcast, The Science of Beauty!) We maintain close relationships with experts in dermatology, cosmetic chemistry, dentistry, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, and psychology, among many other fields.

Of course, beauty is an art as much as a science, which is why we have always equally prioritized our relationships with the best makeup artists, hairstylists, colorists, estheticians, perfumers, manicurists, salon owners, and brand founders, as well as our partnerships with top photographers, stylists, content creators, and video producers who help bring our content to life.

Allure Beauty Box

The Allure Beauty Box is the only monthly subscription box that is curated by editors. Using our decades of collective experience, we test each and every product to determine whether or not it makes it into an upcoming box. To provide further information to current and prospective subscribers, we also publish reviews of the products in each month’s box, allowing you to see inside and know exactly what you’re getting.

You can learn more or subscribe by going to the Allure Beauty Box website.