In a landscape of massive corporate and celebrity beauty brands, one would think it almost impossible for a small upstart to make a splash. But Nomenclature Cosmetics is doing just that!

Launched in January of 2022, Nomenclature Cosmetics has already begun to make some big ripples in the cosmetics industry, with recognition and praise from celebrity makeup artists and influencers alike. The brand has already introduced over 140 products across the skincare and makeup spectrum – from a hydrating antioxidant serum and restoring night cream, to foundations, bronzers, and a plethora of liquid lipstick and eyeshadow shades. Nomenclature Cosmetics truly has something for everyone.

Besides being inclusive of all skin types, Nomenclature Cosmetics is also built on ethical manufacturing and sourcing principles and is proudly made in Canada.

“I wanted to create a brand that not only conveyed the importance of having quality ingredients, but also emphasized the necessity of ethical manufacturing procedures that don’t take advantage of human rights for the sake of low cost,” says Founder and CEO, Austin Perdew

“I really wanted to make something that gives back to the world. That is what I believe we have accomplished with Nomenclature.”

And indeed they have! Nomenclature Cosmetics is so invested in forwarding human rights across the globe that $1 from every product sold is donated to anti-human trafficking not-for- profit organizations. The CEO states that the brand will always be directly attached to charity.

This desire for a wholistic corporate balance stems from the ethos of Nomenclature Cosmetics’ founder, Austin Perdew. With a background in skincare consultation, health, corporate management, and not-for-profit work, his understanding and experience have been key to the creation of a well-rounded brand.

“Everything needed to come together in a way that gave consumers a great, affordable product, while also providing peace of mind. We want people to purchase with confidence, knowing that they are not exploiting other human beings in the process. In fact, when they buy from us, we want them to know that they are actually taking it a step further, by financing practical support to those who are in desperate need,” the CEO states.

In addition to its efforts on humanitarian fronts, all of Nomenclature Cosmetics’ makeup products are completely vegan. This was an important step in making these formulations accessible to as many people as possible. In addition, Nomenclature prides itself on being completely cruelty-free.

“We have never tested on animals and we never will.” Austin Perdew says. “And with the few skincare products that contain honey derivatives, we make sure to only source from farms that can prove their ethical harvesting practices. We love bees and understand the importance of that industry to agriculture, as well as thousands of individuals across the globe. We are happy to support it.”

Even though their mission statements and ethical procedures are game-changing enough, the products themselves are in a league of their own.

“As much as we love the behind-the-scenes operations, at the end of the day, we also wanted to give people the highest quality product possible. The formulation process alone has been critically scrutinized by many cosmetic chemists to make sure we got the right balance of texture and effectiveness, as well as pigment and longevity for the makeup products.”

Perdew continues, “With the skincare, we are using ingredients that are both gentle and effective, so our customers don’t have to worry about irritation or adverse reactions like they would with more harsh formulations. Not everybody can handle prescription-strength products, and we get that. We want to provide solutions for those who feel like they haven’t found them yet. That was our goal when we started this.”

With a rapidly growing social media presence, Nomenclature Cosmetics is poised to continue to shift the cosmetics conversation toward small businesses and ethical practices. In June 2022, the company’s official Instagram page began getting hundreds of new followers daily, as their savvy marketing and strong word of mouth continue to spread like wildfire.

“We are hoping that this is just the beginning!” Austin states with excitement. “We are looking forward to welcoming thousands of new customers to the Nomenclature family. We want to redefine the norm together.”

The future is indeed looking bright. Nomenclature Cosmetics is a delightful brew of top-tier quality, smart and modern branding, and meaningful activism that is quickly culminating into a perfect breakthrough force to take the beauty industry by storm. This is definitely a brand to keep an eye on!


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