Lee Ji Eun, globally known as IU, is credited with major accomplishments and is one of the biggest names in the K-pop world. Her net worth is as huge as her popularity in Hallyu. In addition to being a world class performer and singer, IU is a talented actress with successful K-dramas on her credit list.

She recently stunned everyone with her beauty at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, earning recognition for her role in her upcoming film Broker. Undoubtedly, she has achieved millions of fans, thanks to her talents.

IU’s music spans from being inspirational to groovy to heartwarming. On top of that, IU continuously inspires her fans with thoughtful acts like donations.

All her wonderful acts as an artist are reflected in IU’s net worth. So, how much is the Lilac singer worth?

IU’s net worth in 2022 is staggering

According to several reports and outlets, IU’s net worth in 2022 amounts to be between $35-$45 million. The songstress debuted at a mere age of 15 under Kakao Entertainment with a mini album, Lost and Found. Years later, after her debut, IU received mainstream success with the single Good Day from her 2010 album, Real.

So far, IU has recorded five studio albums and nine EPs, with five of her albums scoring number 1 position. Thirty singles by Lee, on the other hand, have peeked atop, making her the only artist with the most number ones in South Korea.

IU won Best Songwriter award again! She said its more special since she received it from Kim Eana the person she learned a lot from. She said she cant wait what feelings she will feel in her 30’s in terms of songwriting. She will let you hear fresh music that she made https://t.co/BLnPXgANfA

Besides being a top-class K-pop soloist, the singer has made a name for herself as an outstanding actress. Starting out in a supporting role with Dream High in 2011, Lee has embarked on a promising acting career ever since.

Musician IU prioritizes the quality of music over sales and so does Actress Lee Jieun when it comes to her filmography.🎼🎢πŸŽ₯🎞️ πŸ’―πŸ†— https://t.co/5RXAX2yHO8

With K-dramas like My Mister, Hotel Del Luna, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and Persona, IU has become a household name in her native nation, simultaneously earning the title of Nation’s Little sister.

Her fans will next see her in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Broker and Lee Byeong-hyun’s Dream.

Lifestyle and endorsements

With an impressive net worth, IU surely enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. With Lee being one of the highest-paid celebrities in South Korea, commercials have accumulated a major portion of her income.

IU’s long list of endorsements since 2009 until 2021What happened when she endorsed them. The IU impact. Proof? Lets ask the Chamisul or even Blackyak 😎She worked hard to deserved whatever she had now and also been giving back a lot to charitiesSource: dcgall#IU #μ•„μ΄μœ  https://t.co/utuT302vyd

IU has endorsed a huge array of brands of every genre and category. The singer-songwriter has also endorsed video games, clothing brands, financial institutions, cosmetics, confectionery, and more. She has been the face for brands like Samsung, Nongshim, ISOI, The Same, Qdush (China), G by Guess, Woori Financial Group, Chamisul Soju, Jeju Samdasoo, Homeplus, and many more.

The singer has also been a global ambassador for luxury fashion house Gucci since March 2022.

In 2021, the singer bought a lavish penthouse worth a whopping $11.7 million in Eterno Cheongdam, Seoul. She also owns residences in Yangpyeong-gun and Gwacheon as well.

What makes IU a favorite among millions is her thoughtful philanthrophy acts. For four years (2015, 2018, 2019, 2020), IU donated β‚©100 million to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation to help underprivileged kids.

In 2021, she donated β‚©500 million to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the Korean Single Mothers and Families Association, the Comprehensive Support Center for Elderly Living Alone, the Child Welfare Association, and the Yeouldol Association to help children with rare diseases.

IU donated 100 million won to the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation for Children’s Day.IU’s donations will be used to support living expenses for children from low-income single-parent families & grandparents, & to support facility renovations for children. twitter.com/jjjeong918/sta… https://t.co/anpe0jb8mU

IU’s charitable acts have helped her become a household name in Korea, making her one of the most beloved artists of the country.